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This web site dedicated to preserving the wonderful history of the State of Michigan! We have over 4000 attractions featured with over 30,000 photos and thousands of information updates! Movie Theaters, Drive-Ins, Auto Racing, Amusement Parks, Motels, Resorts, Tourist Attractions and much more! Click the button in the menu above to see a random sample!
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If you have information you would like to share, you can use the form here, or click the "Submit New Info or Correction" button on the page for the individual location. If you have photos to submit, please e-mail them to waterwinterwonderland@gmail.com and I will post them. If the location you want to submit info for is not on the site, e-mail me anyway and I may add it.
Please note: All submissions will be considered but we may decline to post them if they are not relevant to the subject at hand. Personal recollections are welcome providing they contain new information regarding the subject location. Photos that are redundant to existing content will not be posted.
Site Update for Monday, February 22nd 2021

I added some drive-in theater and indoor movie theater photos today. You can check the "Latest Pictures" links below to view them. I have also started working on the small town, ghost town section. I will be adding dozens if not hundreds of them over time. I have lots of original photos and some good research material on that.

I also spruced up the drive-in and motor speedway pages. The grid on the speedway page is now sortable and can be filtered by county. Since I now have some out of state drive-ins listed, I added a filter for state on the drive-ins page.
Site Update for Sunday, February 14th 2021

I have added a new page for out-of-state drive-ins here. I have dozens more locations to add but I do have a start on it. Keep checking back for more updates.
Site Update for Saturday, February 13th 2021

I am posting some major updates today, most notably some excellent vintage drive-in and indoor theater photos sent to me by Andy Gray. His grandfather A.S. “Al” Johnson, owned the Birmingham-based Johnson Construction Co. They were involved in building numerous theaters throughout the region.

Some of the shots contain locations and details not seen previously on this site or any other. Many thanks to Andy for his hard work on scanning these slides so we can all enjoy them. It will probably take me a few days to post it all so keep your eye on the "Latest Pictures" and "Last 30 Information Updates" sections below for the new content.

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention the upcoming Memory Lane Drive-In Theater in Monroe which is being built on the site of the old Denniston Drive-In that closed in 1985. The owner is sparing no expense in doing this right. More on that here and here.

Here is a great photo of the Marysville Drive-In from Andy

Marysville Drive-in
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Opera Houses:  Tibbits Opera House - Coldwater
Amusement Parks:  No new pictures in last 15 days
Drag Strips:  Milan Dragway - Milan
Speedways:  Hornes Speedbowl - Reed City
Roadside Attractions  No new pictures in last 15 days
 Last 30 Locations Added
Evergreen Drive-In - Mount Pleasant
Tunk - Tunk
Hi-Road Drive-In - Kenton
Elm Road Triple Drive-In - Warren
Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive In - North Ridgeville
Motor Vu Twin Drive-In - Imperial
Lake Drive-In - Big Bear Lake
Mission Tiki Drive in Theatre - Montclair
Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre - Jefferson
Kane Road Drive-In - Aliquippa
Star Auto Theatre - Wauseon
Blue Sky Drive In Theater - Wadsworth
Butch Cassidy Drive-In - Millbury
Cinema 35 Drive-In - West Alexandria
Dixie Twin Drive-In - Dayton
Galion 3 Drive-In - Galion
Holiday Auto Theatre - Hamilton
Lake Drive-In - Mt. Orab
Skyway Drive-In - North Madison
Magic City Drive In - Barberton
Mayfield Road Drive-In - Chardon
Melody 49 Drive-In - Brookville
Melody Cruise-In - Springfield
Midway Drive In Theater - Ravenna
North Twin Drive-In - Marion
Oakley Drive-In - Cincinnati
Park Layne 69 Drive-In - New Carlisle
Piqua 36 Drive-In - Piqua
Plymouth Drive-In - Plymouth
Pymatuning Lake Drive-In - Andover

 Last 30 Information Updates
Tawas Drive-In Theatre - East Tawas
Eastwood Theatre - Eastpointe
Drayton Theatre - Drayton Plains
Bagley Theatre - Detroit
Liberty Theatre - Detroit
Carlton Theatre - Detroit
Kensington - Kensington
Tunk - Tunk
Maxine Theatre - Croswell
Town Theatre - Chesaning
Hi-Road Drive-In - Kenton
Maple City Drive-In Theatre - Charlotte
Algiers Drive-In Theatre - Westland
Cameo Theatre - Detroit
Owosso Speedway - Ovid
Broadway Theatre - Detroit
Westwood Cinemas - Jackson
Memory Lane Drive-In Theater - Monroe
Tibbits Opera House - Coldwater
Main Theatre - Coldwater
Bad Axe Theatre - Bad Axe
Almont Theatre - Almont
Algonac Theatre - Algonac
Starlite Drive-In Theatre - Bay City
Berkley Theatre - Berkley
Roxy Theatre - Bay City
Gem Theatre - Beaverton
Maple City Drive-In Theatre - Charlotte
Warren Theatre - Detroit
Liberty Amusement Park - Battle Creek

 Featured Drive-In Theater
Skytop Drive-In
 Skytop Drive-In
 Featured Indoor Theater
Almont Theater
 Almont Theater
 Jackson Motor Speedway
Jackson Motor Speedway
 Jackson Motor Speedway
 Featured Amusement Park
Lake Lansing Amusement Park
 Lake Lansing Amusement Park
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