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Lansing Fair (Central Michigan Fairgrounds) - Lansing MI

Address: 920 Townsend St
City: Lansing
State: MI
Zip: 48933
County: Ingham
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General Information:

Update 2/26/2024: I found articles on auto racing occurring at what was once Central Michigan Fairgrounds. I will assume that is what this entry is referring to. The land was later given to Oldsmobile Corporation as an enticement to build their plant on it. That became what is now Lansing Assembly. So piling supposition upon supposition, I will use the modern day address of the Olds Plant in Lansing. The 1912 topographical map does show an outline of a track. Equally possible is that I am full of crap once again. I usually fix my mistakes eventually LOL.

Dirt Oval - Operating Dates: 1926-1936

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Lansing Fair (Central Michigan Fairgrounds) - 1912 Topo Map
1912 Topo Map
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From Re Olds Website
Lansing Fair (Central Michigan Fairgrounds) - Aug 1937
Aug 1937
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Jun 1999 Article
Lansing Fair (Central Michigan Fairgrounds) - June 1922
June 1922
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