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Personal recollection: I added this entry as the Farmington location although there were hundreds of Burger Chef's all over. I will use this page to document the Michigan locations. I loved Burger Chef and the Farmington location was a hangout of mine when I was young. The "works bar" was a fantastic concept. You could get a couple of small burgers cheap then dress them up with tons of stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, ketchup, etc yourself. I remember when they converted most of them to Hardees which in my opinion was far inferior. That eventually went under too.

Cactus Bob master listing of Michigan Burger Chefs

From Wikipedia

Burger Chef was an American fast-food restaurant chain. It began operating in 1954 in Indianapolis, Indiana, expanded throughout the United States, and at its peak in 1973 had 1,050 locations, including some in Canada. The chain featured several signature items, such as the Big Shef and Super Shef hamburgers.

In 1982, the General Foods Corporation, owners of the Burger Chef trademark and name, divested itself of the restaurant chain, gradually selling to the owners of Hardee's. The final restaurant to carry the Burger Chef name closed in 1996.

In 1954, Frank and Donald Thomas patented the flame broiler in their parent company General Equipment Corporation and started their restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1957, they opened their first Burger Chef. Burger Chef advertisement (1966).

Burger Chef spread across the United States, following a strategy of opening outlets in smaller towns.

By 1972, its number of locations (1,200) was surpassed only by McDonald's (1,600). They offered a double burger, called the Big Shef, and later the quarter-pound (113 gram) hamburger, Super Shef. Subsequently, they added the Works Bar, where customers added their own toppings to hamburgers.

In 1968, General Foods Corporation purchased the chain and continued its rapid expansion. At the time of the purchase by General Foods, Burger Chef had 600 locations in 39 states.

By 1969, international expansion was underway with General Foods building ten Burger Chef outlets in Australia. The expansion ended in 1975 with a US$1.3 million loss (equivalent to $6.25 million in 2020). It was stated that Australians disliked the limited burger based menu as compared to a Milk Bar. The chain had two mascots: Burger Chef (voiced by Paul Winchell) and Jeff (the chef's juvenile sidekick). Burger Chef sign in Albuquerque, New Mexico (1979).

In the early 1970s, the chain introduced the Funburger and the Funmeal, with packaging that included stories about Burger Chef and Jeff's adventures and friends (including the magician Burgerini, vampire Count Fangburger, talking ape Burgerilla, and Cackleburger the witch), with riddles, puzzles, and small toys. When McDonald's introduced their Happy Meal in 1979, the chain sued, but ultimately lost.

In 1982, General Foods sold Burger Chef to the Canadian company Imasco, which also owned Hardee's, for US$44 million (equivalent to $118 million in 2020). Imasco converted many locations to Hardee's restaurants and let franchises and locations near existing Hardee's locations convert to other brands. Remaining restaurants that did not convert to Hardee's or new names and branding simply closed.

Hardee's brought back the Big Shef hamburger for a limited time in 2001, 2007, and 2014 at some Midwestern locations.

Here is a listing Bobby Peacock put together a while back:

Adrian 930 S. Main St. Became Arthur Treacher's before 1976; closed and became KFC ca. mid-1980s
Albion 217 E. Michigan Ave. Later Little Caesars, closed 2001, became Biggby Coffee January 2013
Alma 310 Pine Ave. Later EZ Tan, now Pine Avenue Drop-In Center
Ann Arbor 175 N. Maple Rd. Became Hardee's 1983, closed 1987, became Golden Chef 1988.Golden Chef burned down 2006; site was to have become Tim Hortons 2011, LA Fitness built on site 2019
Ann Arbor 3325 Washtenaw Ave. Opened after 1976 in former Mister S Restaurant; later Hardee's until 1987.Later Stucchi's until after 1996, then Boston Market until 2008; became McDonald's January 2009.
Auburn Hills 951 S. Opdyke Rd. Later Hardee's until early 1990s?, then Legends Coney Island, then Albert's Family Dining, now Luigi's
Battle Creek 619 North Ave. Closed 1985, was to be converted to Hardee's but became Arby's instead
Battle Creek 1101 W. Columbia Ave. Opened ca. 1967, closed by 1976, became Battle Creek Dodge 1978.Later Playcation Pool & Patio (1982 listing), then Friends & Co. (1986, 1990 listings), then Copper Chimney.Torn down 2016 for Biggby Coffee and Michigan Hearing.
Bay City 4129 Euclid Ave. Later Hardee's until early 1990s, now Wanigas Credit Union
Benton Harbor 413 Riverview Dr. Later Hardee's until December 1988, then Henry's.Later Riverview Burger & Wings, then Big Al's, then Cena's (2000), then Riverview Fish Hut, now vacant.
Benton Harbor 2025 Pipestone Rd. Later Hardee's until ca. 2008, now vacant; was supposed to become Starbucks ca. 2016 but did not.
Berkley 1833 Coolidge Hwy. Originally Peppy's Hamburgers. Later Hardee's, which moved to Hazel Park ca. 2006, then Arnie's.Torn down ca. 2007 for Fifth Third Bank which is now MSU Federal Credit Union
Big Rapids 223 N. Michigan Ave. Later Rodee's, then a Chinese restaurant, then Dawn Donuts, then Dunkin' Donuts, now Bernie's Place.
Burton G-4035 E. Court St. Moved to Belsay Rd. before 1979, later Jomac's Sports World (1980 listing), then Illusions Salon, torn down early 1990s? for Aaron's Rental
Cadillac 505 N. Mitchell St. Now House of Hunan
Charlotte 354 S. Cochran Ave. Later Hardee's, then Formu-3 Weight Loss (1991 listing), then a beauty salon, then H&R Block, now Central Pharmacy
Clawson 309 N. Main St. Originally Peppy's Hamburgers. Later Hardee's, then Zorba's, now Chutney's
Coldwater 432 E. Chicago Rd. Now Coldwater Garden Family Restaurant
Dearborn 2450 S. Telegraph Rd. Likely moved to 5822 Telegraph Rd. in Taylor; later Arthur Treacher's, now Bangkok 96
Detroit 6221 Grand River Ave. Originally Peppy's Hamburgers. Later Hardee's (1988), then Steve's Bar-B-Q (1992 listing), then Wok Express, now vacant
Detroit 735 Griswold St.(Security Trust Building) Opened 1980; later Hardee's, now Anytime Fitness
Escanaba 606 N. Lincoln Rd. Became Hardee's 1983
Essexville 1536 Center Ave. Later Hardee's until 1987, now Bay Area Regional Dialysis Center
Farmington 33200 Grand River Ave. Became Dimitri Brothers before 1987; closed ca. 2010?, now Los Tres Amigos
Farmington Hills 33340 W. 12 Mile Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Tim Hortons
Ferndale 22230 Woodward Ave. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Tim Hortons
Flint 1252 N. Ballenger Hwy. Closed ca. 1978, later Gregory's (1980 listing), became Coty's Restaurant before 1996
Flint 3116 W. Pierson Rd. Moved to 4083, later Dort Federal Credit Union, now Five-Fold Ministry
Flint 4083 W. Pierson Rd. Became Hardee's from ca. 1983-ca. 1997, now Rightway Auto
Flint Genesee Valley Center Opened after 1978, later Hardee's until early 1990s?, then Aladdin's Castle, now American Fun Center
Flint 519 S. Dort Hwy. Likely relocated to Court St. in Burton.Became Giant Sandwich before 1975; later Claudeen's BBQ (1979), then Mooney & Kucharski Auto (1983), then Active Auto Sales (1988).Became YaYa's Chicken ca. 1990.
Grand Haven 444 N. Beacon Blvd. Later a Med 1 medical center, torn down for parking lot
Grand Rapids 1620 44th Ave. SE Now Kent County Health Department
Grand Rapids 3261 S. Division Ave. Now Wyoming Outlet Store
Grand Rapids 3250 Plainfield Ave. NE Closed ca. 1976, torn down for Doyle's car wash
Grand Rapids 340 Fuller Ave. NE Torn down for a car wash, sign frame remains
Greenville 500 N. Lafayette St. Opened 1971, became Rodee's ca. 1983; later Hi-Delite, then Excelsior Games & Comics, then Pro Outfitters, now Vaping Sensations
Grosse Pointe 18800 Mack Ave. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Wendy's
Harper Woods 19353 Vernier Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Tim Hortons
Hastings 911 W. State St. Later Rodee's, then Rax, became Arby's 1989; closed 2008, torn down for O'Reilly Auto Parts
Hazel Park 23240 John R. Rd. Became Hardee's 1983, then Burger King 1997; Burger King closed 2004 and reverted to Hardee's.
Hillsdale 209 W. Carleton Rd. Later Burger King, torn down for a strip
Holland 855 S. Washington Ave. Later Muzzy's; closed 1996, torn down for Chemical Bank
Inkster 172 S. Inkster Rd. Later Hardee's until ca. 1997, torn down for Walgreens which is 120.
Ionia 422 S. Dexter Ave. Became Rodee's ca. 1983, now Family Video
Iron Mountain 317 N. Stephenson Ave. Became Hardee's 1983
Ironwood 325 E. Cloverland Dr. Became Hardee's 1983, closed ca. 2007, torn down for O'Reilly Auto Parts
Jackson 3100 E. Michigan Ave. Opened in former Checker Sandwich Shop, kept Burger Chef name after chain was sold; torn down late 1980s? for Perry Drugs (now Rite Aid)
Jackson 800 S. Brown St. Later Jan's, now Eye Services Optical Goods
Jackson 1500 N. West St. Became Hardee's 1983, closed early 1990s?, became Fazoli's 1995
Jackson 1254 E. McDevitt Ave. Became Hardee's 1983, closed and became Burger King 1997
Kalamazoo 930 Douglas Ave. Torn down ca. 1981, site vacant
Kalamazoo 2105 Lake St. Later Hardee's until ca. 1987, now Julianna's
Kalamazoo 4403 W. Main St. Later Hardee's, then Arby's (1990s), now Qdoba
Kalamazoo 606 Riverview Dr. Later Thirteen and One Half (1985 listing), torn down for AutoZone
Lansing 4219 W. Saginaw Hwy. Became Arby's ca. 1976
Lansing 6031 S. Cedar St. Became Arby's ca. 1976
Lansing 622 N. Homer St. Closed 1978, later First Federal Bank (1981, 1987 listings), became Arby's ca. 1991
Lansing 909 W. Holmes Rd. Later House of Waffles, became Arby's August 1976; Arby's moved to 3229 S. Logan St. (now Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) June 1979.Later 4 M's (1980 listing), then Westside Deli (1985 listing); Westside Deli burned down 1992.Site became Spad's Pizza by 1993, Rally's 1996, Applause Catering by 2000.Torn down ca. 2003 for Family Dollar.
Lansing 2316 N. East St. Torn down for church parking lot
Lincoln Park 4063 Fort St. Later Dr. Golden's Dental (1983 listing), then Donut Palace, torn down mid-1990s? for Burger King
Lincoln Park 3778 Dix Hwy. Relocated 1970s? to 1817, torn down for doctor's office
Lincoln Park 1817 Dix Hwy. Later Hardee's until 1997, then Leon's, now Charlie's
Livonia 27526 Grand River Ave. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Wendy's
Livonia 31150 5 Mile Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Wendy's
Livonia 34110 Plymouth Rd. Later Hardee's, then Legacy Restaurant, then Grecian Garden, then Jay and A, now Black Label Tavern
Ludington 5816 W. US-10 Later Randy's (early 1990s), then Catholic Charities until 2012, now vacant
Manistee 133 Cypress Ave. Later Hardee's, became A&W ca. 1989
Marquette 1422 Presque Isle Ave. Became Hardee's 1983, closed 2008. Became Temaki & Tea/Smoothie King 2011.
Marshall 1310 W. Michigan Ave. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Arby's
Melvindale 3660 Oakwood Blvd. Became Arby's ca. 1983, closed 2011?, torn down 2014? for O'Reilly Auto Parts
Midland 1910 N. Saginaw Rd. Later Hardee's, torn down for Jo-Ann Fabrics
Mt. Morris 6068 N. Saginaw St. Became Arby's ca. 1979, closed late 1990s?, vacant
Mt. Pleasant 1224 S. Mission Ave. Burned down February 15, 1975, Arby's on site
Muskegon 2155 E. Apple Ave. Now Top Shelf Pizza
Muskegon 1821 Henry St. Later Okee Dokes Place, now vacant
Muskegon 2118 Peck St. Closed late 1970s, later Toombs Funeral Home, now vacant
Muskegon 1362 Whitehall Rd. Became Dah Hu late 1980s
Niles 11 S. 11th St. Later Rodee's, then A&W, torn down late 1990s for Rite Aid
Northville 401 N. Center St. Later Hardee's, closed before 1997, torn down for parking lot
Oak Park 13500 W. 9 Mile Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, then Nikola's, now Captain Jay's
Owosso 426 E. Main St. Later Hardee's until 1989, when store relocated to current location at 534.Later Donut Express until late 1990s, Papa John's Pizza from 2001 to ca. 2006?, then Rib Shack, now Cash Depot.
Petoskey 438 W. Mitchell St. Opened 1968, closed and became Arby's 1978
Plainwell 1201 M-89 Later Hardee's, now Burger King
Plymouth 1365 S. Main St. Closed mid-1980s, later Cobblers Comfort Shoes (1984 listing).Later various real estate offices, now Sport & Spine Performance Institute and AAA Insurance
Pontiac 511 N. Perry St. Now Del Pueblo
Port Huron 2626 Pine Grove Ave. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Tim Hortons
Portage 6133 S. Westnedge Ave. Later Zio's, torn down for Chili's
Redford 11307 Telegraph Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, then Tim Hortons until ca. 2007, now Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
Rochester 1106 S. Rochester Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Burger King
Royal Oak 2214 E. 11 Mile Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Tim Hortons
Saginaw 2945 Bay Rd. Opened 1971, became Taco Villa 1980, then Golden China, then Beijing BBQ, now vacant
Saginaw 5025 Bay Rd. Possible relocation of above store; was Hardee's until 1997, then Kenny Rogers Roasters.Later an Alltel dealer until January 2010, became Lover's Lane February 2011.
Saginaw 3262 E. Holland Ave. Became Taco Bell before 1984, store rebuilt late 1990s
Saginaw 1472 N. Michigan Ave. Later Hardee's until early 1990s, then National City Bank until ca. 2008.Later Saginaw Suit & Alteration, torn down ca. 2012 for Taco Bell.
St. Clair Shores 23825 Harper Ave. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Tim Hortons
St. Johns 605 N. US-27 Later a Chinese restaurant, then San Juan Mexican, then Mike's Power Equipment, now Watts Ammunition
St. Joseph 2901 Niles Ave. Later Odell's (1983), then Rodee's (1985), then On the Avenue (1989-90).Became Arby's from 1991-ca. 2006, now Dairy Queen
Sault Ste. Marie 3344 I-75 Business Spur Now Indo China Garden
South Haven 319 Broadway St. Now China Cafe
Southfield 24999 Northwestern Hwy. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Wendy's
Southgate 13760 Eureka Rd. Later Arthur Treacher's, then Seafood Bay, then Downriver Coney Island, now vacant
Sturgis 106 S. Centreville Rd. Later Hardee's, then Arby's; closed 2008, became South Sturgis Liquor ca. 2015
Taylor 5822 Telegraph Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Burger King
Taylor 21399 Van Born Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Tim Hortons
Three Rivers 915 W. Michigan Ave. Later Rice Kitchen, now Kellogg Community Credit Union
Traverse City 816 E. Front St. Became Taco Bell before 1988, store torn down and rebuilt ca. 2005
Warren 11549 E. 9 Mile Rd. Later Hardee's until ca. 1997, now Five Star Coney Island
Warren 4024 E. 9 Mile Rd. Later Hardee's, then Zorba's, now vacant
Warren 29030 Van Dyke Ave. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Tim Hortons
Warren 31121 Schoenherr Rd. Later Hardee's (1988 listing), then Gus's Palace (1991 listing), then Four Seasons Cafe, torn down for CVS/pharmacy
Wayne 33429 Sims Ave.(renumbered to 34438 Michigan Ave.) Later Hardee's, now L. George Coney Island
Waterford 2390 Elizabeth Lake Rd.(renumbered to 2270 Elizabeth Lake Rd.) Later a BP gas station, then R&R Oil Change, now vacant
Waterford 7160 Cooley Lake Rd.(renumbered to 7156 Cooley Lake Rd.) Later Joshua's, now Green Apple Restaurant
Westland 303 S. Wayne Rd. Later Hardee's, then Leon's, now George's Coney Island
Westland 29317 Joy Rd. Later Hardee's until 1997, now Wendy's
Woodhaven 18768 West Rd. Became Harry's before 1991, now Massage Envy
Wyoming 1313 28th St. SW Torn down for Burger King
Ypsilanti 309 E. Michigan Ave. Later Hardee's, now Lucas Coney Island
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