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Durow's Cabins (Durow's Resort) - Menominee MI

Address: 1204 M-35
City: Menominee
State: MI
Zip: 49858
County: Menominee
Number of visits to this page: 1006

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General Information:

Update 1-1-24: The address I am using is based on the 1954 historical aerial. It is the closest match I can find within the constraints of the location described from the various sources.

This place was on M-35 near where I assume North Shore Golf Club sits today. I looked at the historical maps and I am not seeing an exact match to the structures pictured in the old postcards. A newspaper listing indicates there was "beach frontage" but that could mean they were on the other side from the beach but had access to the water for the guests to swim in.

I found newspaper clippings from 1941 so I know it goes back at least that far or before. At one point the office included a service station. I will keep trying to find an address for it and update the listing when I do. For now, I will assume the old place is long gone.

From LettersForGeorge.com:

Durow’s Resort was located along the Green Bay shore on M-35, roughly a quarter of a mile north of the O’Hara’s home near Turtle Creek (if my memory is correct). Elroy Durow, whose family owned the resort, was a high school classmate of mine, and we were members of the Air Scouts together.

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Durows Cabins (Durows Resort) - Vintage Postcard
Vintage Postcard
Durows Cabins (Durows Resort) - Vintage Postcard
Vintage Postcard
Durows Cabins (Durows Resort) - Vintage Postcard
Vintage Postcard
Durows Cabins (Durows Resort) - 1954 Aerial
1954 Aerial
Durows Cabins (Durows Resort) - June 1953 Listing
June 1953 Listing
Durows Cabins (Durows Resort) - Feb 1949 Auto Accident
Feb 1949 Auto Accident
Durows Cabins (Durows Resort) - Mar 19 1941 Article
Mar 19 1941 Article
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