Fremont Cinemas - Fremont MI

Address: 1027 W Main St
City: Fremont
State: MI
Zip: 49412
County: Newaygo
Owner History:
Theater Type: Shopping Center - Early Multiplex
Number of visits to this page: 5178
General Information:

This theater has gone through a few different owners over the years but as of 2022 it is open.

From the Fremont Cinemas Web Site:

While it feels like there’s always been a movie theater here, very recently, there almost wasn’t. The Covid-19 pandemic drained the money and resources out of the previous owners, who, despite their best efforts, couldn’t keep it afloat.

Enter Ken Terveer and Tanya Schipper. As lifelong residents of Fremont, they both wanted to save everyone’s favorite movie theater. By pooling their resources, they were able to start Fremont Cinemas, with a fresh slate and new perspective.

In June of 2021, Ken Terveer decided that he wanted to sell his half of the business, as he already had a full time job and another local business, Season’s Pizza. He simply didn’t have enough time for it all. He asked Tim Powell, another Fremont-area entrepreneur, if he wanted to buy it from him. Tim was already their tech contractor, and knew the technology inside and out. Tim is now half owner of Fremont Cinemas with Tanya.

With the help of friends and family, Fremont Cinemas was quickly restored to it’s former glory. Fremont Cinemas has been open since December 26th of 2020, and with many upgrades and new programs, has regained the reputation as the best movie theater in two galaxies.

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Info Updates:
4/7/2014 - Daniel Longcore
Fremont Cinemas has been bought by new owners, they are upgrading the theater to digital projection, and it is expected to reopen by this summer.
Fremont Cinemas - PHOTO FROM WEBSITE
Fremont Cinemas - APRIL 2008 (newer photo)
APRIL 2008 (newer photo)
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