Hillman Theatre - Hillman MI

Address: 430 N State St
City: Hillman
State: MI
Zip: 49746
County: Montmorency
Owner History:
Theater Type: Small Town Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 3362
General Information:

Another small-town movie theater offering first-run movies to the community of Hillman. The Hillman Theater was operating prior to 1950, and closed in mid-2005. The marquee was removed.

Info Updates:
8/3/2005 - Dave DeHem
My Grandparents had a cottage on Lake Avalon that I spent most of my summers at until I was about 17 years old. I remember the posters on the wall inside the lobby and how just about anywhere in town you could pick up a schedule for the upcoming movies. As I recall, many of them were first run. I saw many many movies in that show. If we were lucky, we got my grandfather to drive us to town and then he would pick us up a half hour after the show so we could walk over to the Dairy Queen and get Ice Cream. The town of Hillman is very special to me from all the years I spent there. I haven't been there since about 1988 but I will always remember the town and especially the fun I had at the Hillman Theater. The bowling alley was right next door with a little restaurant and we would go and bowl once in a while too. One of my summer buddies was the Doc Olree (Richard). We also did a ton of water skiing too.
Hillman Theatre - 2003 PHOTO
2003 PHOTO
Hillman Theatre - JUNE 17 2022 PHOTO (newer photo)
JUNE 17 2022 PHOTO (newer photo)
Hillman Theatre - JUNE 17 2022 PHOTO (newer photo)
JUNE 17 2022 PHOTO (newer photo)
Hillman Theatre - 2018 STREET VIEW (newer photo)
2018 STREET VIEW (newer photo)
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