Ellinee Amusement Center - Coloma MI

Address: Paw Paw Lake Rd.
City: Coloma
State: MI
Zip: 49038
County: Berrien
Number of visits to this page: 5149
General Information:

Established in 1908 by Ernie Erickson and eventually taken over by the Betz family. It started as a grocery store and souvenir stand. A dance hall and tavern were eventually added on. It was remodeled in 1940 with a new color scheme. The structure was demolished in 1970 per the article below. Known as Ellinee Resort Center. Surname of the people who took over is "Betz".

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Ellinee Amusement Center - 1943 Postcard
1943 Postcard
Ellinee Amusement Center - Old Post Card
Old Post Card
Ellinee Amusement Center - Vintage Photo
Vintage Photo
Ellinee Amusement Center - News Article From 17 Nov 1970
News Article From 17 Nov 1970
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